Shree Shakti Oil & Dal Mills – Mustard Oil

M/s  Shree Shakti Oil & Dal Mills

Regd. Office & Works: Angore, Sumerpur – 306902 (Rajasthan)

Sales Depot : Nagpur / Raipur

Pioneers among manufacturers of Mustard Oil (सरसों तेल), M/s Shree Shakti Oil & Dal Mills produces the purest Mustard Oil (सरसों तेल) across the nation. The industry was pioneered by Late Chaturbhuj Toshniwal in 1947 who was a well known national level author of Hindi, Sanskrit and Bangala. Mustard Oil is also known as Rapeseed Oil in English. Mustard Oil (सरसों तेल) being cholesterol free is a healthy option for daily cooking. Other uses of Mustard Oil (सरसों तेल) include making pickle, hair and body massage etc.


स्पर्श सरसों तेल

Products      : Shakti Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil (शक्ति सरसों तेल – कच्ची घानी)  ,  

                     Sparsh Pakki Ghani Mustard Oil (स्पर्श सरसों तेल – पक्की घानी) ,  

Packing       : 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr in Bottle

                      5 Ltr in Plastic Can / Jar

                      15 Kg (16.40 Ltr)  in Tin Packing.                 

Key Person  : Mahaveer Prasad Toshniwal

Contact No.  : +91 2933 258471, + 91 94144 64066

Web URL      :