GST Registration through Whatsapp

GST Registration through Whatsapp

(For Proprietorship, HUF and Partnership only)

  • Checklist before you apply for GST Registration through Whatsapp (चेक लिस्ट):

  • You have Whatsapp Facility (आप व्हात्सप से सुसज्जित है),
  • You should have E-Wallet payment facility like BHIM, Mobikwik or Paytm. (आपके पास भीम, पेटियम या मोबिक्विक से पेमेंट करने की सुविधा हो)
  • Proprietor / Karta / All Partners have Aadhaar Cards ( maalik /आपके पास आधार कार्ड हो),
  • Registered Mobile Number of  the Proprietor / Karta / any one Partner in his  Aadhaar (Aadhaar Database) must be active. (आपका मोबाइल नंबर आधार डेटाबेस में पंजीकृत हो),
  • Valid PAN Card of Partnership Firm, All partners / Proprietor and Karta. 
  • Valid Address Proof (Property Document, Electricity Bill, Bank Statement / Pass Book / Rent Agreement).

Charges (सेवा शुल्क)

Rs. 1,000/- per registration under GST

Refund Policy

10% of the amount paid would be deducted and balance amount shall be refunded if your request is not eligible for Registration as per GST Law.  However, if once processing of your request has been started by us, no refund shall be issued.

How to Apply (केसे आवेदन करे)

If you satisfy all the above conditions then you may apply for GST Registration through Whatsapp in following simple steps

  1. Make Payment of Rs. 1,000/- using Paytm / MobiKwik / BHIM   payment App (सबसे पहले भीम, पेटिऍम या मोबिक्विक से रू. 1,000/- भुगतान करे) on Phone No. +91 9460110033
  1. Send Payment proof  of Rs. 1,000/- i.e. payment confirmation message (भुगतान करने के बाद निम्न दस्तावेज व्हात्सप्प से +91 9460110033 पर भेजे);
  2. Provide following details via Whatsapp to +91 9460110033:

A. Name Of Concern to be registered.

B. Name of Major five (5) items to be SOLD / of business.

C. Addresses of Principal Place of Business, Branches, Godowns and other additional places with proof of addresses.

D. Copies of  Aadhaar Card / Cards (Both Sides) of Proprietor / Karta / All Partners matching Name and DOB with Pan Card.  

E. Copies of  PAN Card / Cards  of Proprietor / Karta / All Partners matching Name and DOB with Aadhaar Card.  

F. Current Mobile Number of Proprietor / Karta / All Partners. 

G. Registered Mobile Number in Aadhaar of the Proprietor / Karta / any one Partner as per  his  Aadhaar Database.

H. Colored Photo/s of  Proprietor / Karta / All Partners.

I. Email ID of  Proprietor / Karta / All Partners and partnership Firm .

J. Valid Address Proof (Property Document / Property Tax Receipt / Electricity Bill / Bank Statement / Bank Pass Book / Rent Agreement).

K. Name of Authorised partner in case of partnership.

L. Name of Authorised person in all other cases (if required).

M. Copy of partnership deed in case of partnership.

N. Existing TIN No. and Log in (if any)

4.  On receiving your data we shall process your application for registration and we will  generate two or more OTP (One Time Password) which will be sent on your Registered Mobile Number and email address. Please provide us with the OTPs as soon as possible so that your application can be processed further.

5. Contact : M/s Moon Soft only at  +91 9460110033 preferably through Whatsapp.

6. Our customer care will contact you as per requirement / deficiencies of your application.

Please note: 1. Please don’t apply if your Mobile No. is not registered with Aadhaar 2. All communications should be made through Whatsapp only.

  • How long will it take to register for GST ?

Minimum one Day and maximum 4-5 days depending on the condition of GST Website and your support to process your application.

 How will I get my GST Registration?

Once your request for Registration is processed successfully, we shall send your Registration Certificate by email.

Now, select any one of following payment options if you want to apply for GST Registration through Whatsapp –


PAY Via Paytm - PAYTM QR Code for Paperless Pan Card via Paytm
PAYTM QR Code for Aadhaar
PAY Via Mobikwik - Mobikwik QR Code for Paperless Pan Card via Mobikwik
 Mobikwik QR Code for Aadhaar


PAY  Rs. 1,000/-




BHIM QR Code for Paperless Pan Card via BHIM