Absorbent / Surgical Cotton

Absorbent Cotton Wool  (Spoken as Surgical Cotton)

Brand  : butterfly

Manufactured by : Durga Cotton Industries, Nokha – Bikaner (Raj)

Product of : Indian Cotton

Item Code : AC500

Sterilized : To be Sterilized before Medical Use

Quality : Soft, Safe & Gentle

Expiry Date : 3 years from the date of manufacturing

Net Weight  :  500 GMS

MRP per 500 GMS  : Rs. 210/-

Supplier : Shanti Chemist (Mr. Piyush Rathi), Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital Area,  Ramnagar, Station Road, Sumerpur – 306902                                                

Email : shantichemist.puremaal@gmail.com

Contact No. : +91 8107591271

Proceed For Order – आर्डर देने के लिए आगे बढे 

A. Select / finalize the item with quantity.

B. Make payment using any of the following QR Code of Paytm  or  to  Mobile No. +91 8107591271(payment address).

C. Send proof of payment, Code of the product, brand, quantity and your address on the Whatsapp to contact no. +91 8107591271  M/s Shanti Chemist and  Email to shantichemist.puremaal@gmail.com ;

D. After receiving your message, M/s Shanti Chemist shall confirm the order and keep you updated with the status of your Order. The order will be fulfilled by any an associate of Moon Soft.

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Make Payment – BHIM QR Code

After making the payment, please send proof of payment via  Whatsapp on Phone No. +91 8107591271