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Purity has become a quintessence for all. Whether we are buying a safety pin or a sofa set or any type of edible items, we prefer buying things / products where purity (quality) is guaranteed.

The idea for Pure Maal came up when it was perceived that there are many small manufacturers / sellers in small towns / villages of India who supply top quality products maybe the best in their field, but do not have big budgets for advertising their products on national level. Also they are not well acquainted with internet or online dealings to promote their products online. With the view to provide a platform to these minor / swadeshi manufacturers / sellers,  we came up with the idea of Pure Maal. 

At Pure Maal, we intend to create a bridge between such sellers and buyers for whom products purity is most essential and without compromise on price. It is an unique start with an unique plat-form.

The focus of Pure Maal is to help people buy quality products at reasonable price, give a boost to small / swadeshi manufactures and highlight unique items available only at specific places.

Pure Maal has made online shopping even more simple. Shop for quality products at Pure Maal in just 3 easy steps –

A. Select a product from variety of products available on Pure Maal in all respect .

B. Make payment using any of the various e-wallet Apps like BHIM, Mobikwik or Paytm using vendor’s QR Code or payment address (Moblile No.).

C. Send proof of payment, Code of the product, brand, quantity and your address on the Whatsapp contact no. of the Vendor whose product you intend to buy.

D. After receiving your message, the Vendor shall confirm the order and keep you updated with the status of your Order.